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AshmaBhedak Liquid


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ASHMABHEDAK LIQUID  is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine used for kidney stones




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    Gokshur 1.5gm

    used for kidney problems, including kidney stones, painful urination.

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    Apamarga 1.5 gm

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    Guduchi 1.5 gm

    used for treating urinary tract disorders.

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    Pashanbhed 1.5 gm

    used in the treatment of urinary calculi.

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    Varun 1 gm

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    Punarnava 1.5 gm

    most widely used in treatment of renal problems and urinary tract infections.

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    Gorakhmundi 1 gm

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    Sunthi 1 gm

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    Shigru 1 gm

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    Dhamasa 1 gm

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    Aloe vera 50 ml

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    Ext. of Stevia Q.S.

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10 to 30 ml with water or as directed by physicians.

ASHMABHEDAK LIQUID  is an ayurvedic proprietary medicine used for kidney stones also provides support in chronic urinary tract infection and prevents recurrence of stone formation in the kidneys. Some of the key ingredients of this LIQUID are

GOKSHUR                             : It promotes the flow of urine, cools and soothes the membranes of the urinary tract and helps remove stones

APAMARG                             : Helps to break down the kidney and bladder stones

GUDUCHI                             : Helps in elimination of harmful substances and toxins from the liver and the kidneys.

PASHANBHED                    : Wash away stones

VARUN                                  : Used as a natural diuretic as it also could hinder kidney stones formation.

PUNERNAVA                       : Increases kidney health; useful in low kidney energy, kidney stones.

GORAKHMUNDI                : Reduces increased uric acid, urea and creatinine level and fight against various ailments


  • Urinary Calculi,
  • Anuria,
  • Oliuguria,
  • Haematuria,
  • Burning Micturation

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