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Kuflax-W Cough Syrup For Wet Cough


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KUFLAX-W  is an ayurvedic cough syrup that helps to relieve both Wet and productive cough and cold.


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EACH 10 ML CONTAINS Extracts of

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    Haridra 160mg


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    Tulsi 220mg

    Reduces cough and aids the mobilization of mucus

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    Jeshtamadha 100mg

    It is excellent emollient

  • null

    Adulsa 100mg

    Anti-allergic, used in the treatment of cold, cough, bronchitis, inflammation

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    Apamarga 75mg

    Used as an anti-inflammatory agent besides being  useful in cough, asthma,

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    Dhamsa 75mg

  • null

    Pimplli 75mg

    Used to treat a wide range of disorders from cough,  Cold

  • null

    Twaka 75mg

    Effective In Congestion

  • null

    Banfasa 150mg

    Effective as Anti-tussive

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    Karkatshingi 75mg

  • null

    Takan 75mg

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    Honey 3ml

  • null

    Flavour (Paperming) Q.S.

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    Sugar + Water


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    Ascartic acid, sodium propyl paraben Q.S.

Adults : 2 teaspoonful (10ml) 3-4 times a Day

Children : 1 teaspoonful (5ml) 3-4 times a Day

A wet cough is one in which mucus builds up in the chest. If you have a wet cough, you may feel tightness in your chest and you may hear a wheezing sound when breathing. This mucus build up is difficult to get rid of by coughing.

Some of the key ingredients of this SYRUP are


HARIDRA                             : Anti-inflammatory

TULSI                                     : Reduces cough and aids the mobilization of mucus

JESTAMDHA                       : It is excellent emollient and hence used in cough

ADULSA                               : Anti-allergic, used in the treatment of cold,  cough, bronchitis, inflammation

TWAK                                    : Effective In Congestion

BANFASA                            : Effective as Anti-tussive

PIPPALI                                : Detoxifying the lungs; it helps in Removing Cold and Congestion

  • Helps wet cough expectoration
  • Relieves chest congestion
  • With Triple action formula that thins,
  • loosens and expels sputum

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