Ayurvedic Hair Oil – 100ml


  • 100% Ayurvedic Oil infused with a blend of natural oils, fights 5 major hair problems, & provides complete nourishment to the hair & scalp.
  • An intensive Hair Treatment to prevent Hair Loss, dandruff and Graying Hairs.

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Switch to 100% Ayurvedic Ayursanskar Hair Oil for Strong, healthy and nourished hair from root to tip  Ayursanskar Hair Oil is a perfect companion for healthy and nourished hair and scalp. It combines the ancient wisdom of  Ayurveda as we blend the best of natural oils to combat hair problems caused by environmental toxins, dust, daily damages due to excessive styling, and the application of harsh chemicals to your hair and scalp. it is the best oil for hair growth and dandruff reduction. it nourishes and strengthens your tresses with every use and offers natural holistic solutions to your hair and scalp problems.

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